ANUGA 2013

We are pleased to inform you that our company will be exhibiting at the Anuga in Cologne, Germany from 5 - 9.10.2013. If you will be visiting this fair, we would be pleased to welcome you at our stand. Our stand number is: hall 11.1 E061. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to make an appointment. You can use the contact page on this website to get in touch with us. 


News & innovations

Long-Life Deep-frying Oil - The New Generation

Oils ain’t just oils, as the saying goes. They’re certainly different in consistencies, viscosities, colour tones and flavour profiles. One significant characteristic, and one that can add value to your business, is the longevity of use to be achieved from your frying oil. 

Elburg® Deep-frying oil has an exceptionally long life. It’s Europe’s number one premium deep-frying oil when it comes to longevity of use in deep-frying. 

With this new type of frying-oil we are at the cradle of a new generation of cooking oil. Socially responsible and also much more efficient than its predecessors. 

This innovative concept is based on years of scientific development and arose in collaboration with reputable oil and fat scientists. This premium quality deep-frying oil is immediately ready for use. The oil is liquid and can be put directly into the fryer. In comparison with other cooking oils, the deep-fry temperature is reached remarkably faster which means significant savings of energy. It drains off very well and gives a crispiness to your fried foods. 

Independent research has shown that this type of frying oil lasts 50 hours which can be up to twice or even three times  as long as  present frying oils which means an optimal durability of the product. So why buy cheap stuff, only to have to replace it after a few days? Just think of all those extra chips you can make!

Elburg® Olive Oil – Innovative Packaging Solutions

When olive oil was first introduced to world markets, olive oil was packaged only in tins or glass. Here at Elburg Global B.V., we recognized that a product for a modern world should take advantage of modern packaging methods.

In response, we decided to pack the olive oil in a durable and virtually unbreakable plastic bottle that maintains the integrity of the product which results in lower shipping and warehousing costs and a significantly lower level of damage. 

Since the first introduction of olive oil in plastic packaging, all the major olive oil packers have followed suit and we are proud to be one of the first companies in bringing convenience and ease of use to our customers all over the world. 

Download the digital information leaflet and find out what it is that makes our olive oil so special!